We hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome to paradise, we are delighted you decided to visit Sanctuary Cove.

As a gated community, we hope you enjoy everything the Cove has to offer.  Like all small communities, the actions of the few can have a large impact on the many.  We are a different type of community with services and facilities very different from those found in most other parts of Australia.  Some of these things are obvious, some are not.

So that you can get the most from your stay, here are some of the things that are out of the ordinary.



Our first class 24-hour Security service is here to assist

There are panic buttons on the walls in your residence.  Use them in times of emergency and Security will attend immediately.  Misuse, however, will result in service charges.

If you are receiving guests during your stay make sure you let security know to avoid delays.

Contact Security by phone on 5500 3355 or via email security@scove.com.au


All residents and visitors are subject to the Sanctuary Cove By-Laws, available via these links.

Please adhere to the by-laws to prevent fines and charges.

Residential Zone Activity By-Laws are available here

Secondary Thoroughfare By-Laws are available here



The use of buggies is integral to the Sanctuary Cove lifestyle, however it is important to realise that golf buggies are registered vehicles and are subject to laws and regulations like all vehicles.  In summary:

Only licensed drivers may operate a buggy

There is a 20km speed limit determined by the state government.  (SP20 and number of passengers on the rego sticker)

All passengers must use seat belts if you they are fitted

You must drive only on buggy paths or roads behind the gates.

Do not drive across golf courses or golf course paths (passenger buggies are restricted to the golf course perimeters)

Our local repairer ‘Lifestyle Golf Cars’ can be called for assistance in case of breakdown

Use of the buggy path to the Hope Island Shopping centre requires a permit issued by Gold Coast City Council.

Always give way to cars, pedestrians and cyclists.



You may be staying next to the golf course.  People pay a lot of money to use our golf courses.  Please do players the courtesy of minimising noise and staying off golf course land if you are not playing.

You might be on a harbour or next to the Coomera River.  If you are using jet skis or other water craft please adhere to the speed limits in harbours as signed.

Sanctuary Cove is generally a very quiet environment.  Please consider the impact of noise, music, and vehicle noise might have on your neighbours.

There is a 40km road speed limit throughout Sanctuary Cove.  Penalties for speed limit infringements will be applied to bond payments.

There are many kangaroos in Sanctuary Cove.  Remember, they are wild animals.  Sanctuary Cove is not a petting zoo.  Please treat our Kangaroos with respect and caution.  They will attack if scared or threatened.  Please read our Fact Sheet and be safe.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, please use our contact page, drop by the Body Corporate office during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm) phone on 07 5500 3333 or email at enquiries@scove.com.au

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