As you are aware Extraordinary General Meetings were recently held by each Residential Body Corporate to consider:

1. PBC / PTBC budgets;
2. PBC / PTBC Landscaping contracts;
3. PBC Waste and Recycling contract; and
4. Sanctuary Cove Security Service Agreement review by the PBC

These motions were carried by a majority of RBC’s as per the voting summary. (click link for image)

The PBC at their Extraordinary General Meeting held 26 September 2016 voted on each of the below matters in accordance with the instruction provided by each of the RBC’s and stakeholders of the PBC. Please note there were 24 possible votes for each motion.

PBC Waste & Recycling Contract
For – 19
Against – 4
Abstain – 1

PBC Landscaping Contract
For – 14
Against – 10
Abstain – 0

Sanctuary Cove Security Service Agreement Review
For – 21
Against – 3
Abstain – 0

Kind Regards
For and on behalf of Sanctuary Cove Principal Body Corporate

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