As part of the City of Gold Coast’s (City) Meter Replacement Program, a City contractor will be replacing the water meter servicing Sanctuary Cove. This program ensures that you continue to receive accurate billing and water consumption information.

As a result, an interruption to your water supply will occur between the hours of:

Tuesday 15th November 11:00PM and Wednesday 16th November 4:00AM 2016

While the City will endeavour to return your water supply as soon as possible, you may be without water for the entire duration stated above. You are advised to contact your building manager or service operator to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place at the property while these works take place and the property’s without water. The City takes no responsibility for any costs associated with the interruption to the water supply at the property during the times provided in this notification.

In some instances your water may become discoloured following a water interruption. Should this occur we ask that you refrain from washing any clothing to avoid staining. In most cases flushing your water service will rectify the discolouration. This can be achieved by running the tap furthest from the water meter for several minutes until the water runs clear. If air is trapped in the hot and / or cold water plumbing, it can be similarly flushed out.

If there are any special circumstances where loss of water supply will result in serious discomfort and inconvenience please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 000 928.

Sanctuary Cove Body Corporate Services

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