The Body Corporate office would like to issue a friendly reminder to all residents that a number of communication channels are utilised by the Sanctuary Cove Community Services Ltd Board, the Primary Thoroughfare Body Corporate and the Principal Body Corporate in order to provide key information and to keep residents up to date with important decisions affecting the Sanctuary Cove resort.

The My Community Portal provides residents with the ability to view financial information, Body Corporate budget information, meeting documents, Body Corporate fact sheets, and an abundance of further information.

A valid email address is required to be registered with the body corporate office in order to gain access to the My Community Portal after which time a User Name and Password is generated. The My Community Portal is also the platform used by the Body Corporate office to issue important notices and updates to the community i.e. water shut offs, road closures etc. therefore all residents are urged to ensure their email address is registered with the Body Corporate office.

Should you wish to register your email address or request for the reissue of your Portal login details, please contact the Body Corporate office on (07) 5500 3333 or email

More recently the PBC has launched a new website This website features bulletins, in-depth information, forms and other resources, with the site to be driven by the things residents want to know.

This site also provides detailed information on the key stakeholders within the Cove. Importantly it is crucial for residents to talk to their Residential Body Corporate (RBC) committee about concerns and topics that they would like explained on the site noting that as a resident, your RBC is the main point of entry to the PBC and PTBC and is represented and contributes to decisions made on both committees.

For further information on any of the above please phone (07) 5500 333 or email

Sanctuary Cove Body Corporate Services

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